Markets are Political, not Real

The current up and down movements have less to do with earnings, profitability, and business productivity than political ramblings exacerbated by an over-engaged news media rambling to create fear.

Even Jim Cramer from has made a similar statement, that there needs to be some calm.

After all, shouldn’t the markets trade according to how well companies are doing rather than international fears? Most companies know how to survive regardless of the changes made in policy. It is the realm of business to find a way to make things happen and consumers are always there, good times and bad.

I feel the media and anti-Trump forces will deliver bouts of negative, repeatedly, during the course of this presidency in order to cause downturn, and Trump will create positives in response in order to move towards the reality of positive trends. This is a great situation for short-term traders and a difficult ride for those who worry about their mid-term holdings.

It is a boxing match and each blow changes the score on the judges cards. Who will the winner be, and does it matter?

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