Hospitality Services

Ecspex is developing new solutions for Hospitality and we have created  two new businesses based on our technologies and workflow analysis, derived specifically for this growing industry.

  • Services
  • Technology
  • Management

EcspexAire was created around our developed technologies to quickly and completely clean PTAC, VTAC, Fan Coil, and other A/C models and components.  In 2011 we were challenged with the project to service a small group of hotels in Kansas City.  We built a crew to work in the hotels, learn the process and come up with a better solution.  Not just any crew, this crew included experts in engineering, business finance, and management.  It didn’t take long to come up with solutions to an expensive problem which can cost a 100 room hotel an extra $10,000 or more per year.  Imagine the savings when applied to a regional management company with 50 or 100 buildings.  The 5 year savings can easily exceed $2.5 Million, the cost of another hotel!

Hospitality Enterprise Solutions (Ecspex HES) – Provides further development of Services and Technology.  Now that we have proven our ability to impact the bottom line, we have expanded this into other keys services including: Carpet Cleaning, Grounds and Parking Lot maintenance, Flooring/Tile, Technology and control system, and more.

The future for Ecspex in hospitality will be in providing even more high quality services at a meaningful price point.